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Environment Evaluators and Auditors for Industry Association - ECOEVALIND, was set up as a result of a vocational forming program, developed by UNIMED, hand in hand with other government institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from the environmental protection field. The program is financed through CNEAIR project by CIPE Romania with founds provided by USAID.

ECOEVALIND is a professional-scientific non-governmental, independent, non-profit organization, with legal personality, and its head office is in ROMANIA, BUCHAREST, 27-29, George Enescu St., sector 1.

The mission of the Association is to initiate and  promote actions and projects which contribute to the prevention, evaluation, monitoring and combating of the negative effect to the environment of the activities developed in the industrial field, the extraction of energetic and non-energetic products, textile industry, leather and shoes industry etc.

The mission of the Association is to change the mentality of the economical operators regarding the protection of urban and industrial environment, and also to suport, inform, train and assist all the industrial operators, in order to implement the environment management system.

The members of the association are physical persons, environmental auditors and evaluators, and also juridical persons, which have at least one environmental evaluator and one auditor as employees.

The association is structured on two organizatorial levels: central level and subsidiaries.

The General Assambly of Associates is the  decisional organism of the association, and the Board of Directors  ensures the management of the association. The Board of Directors consists of seven members: the President, 6 vicepresidents and a treasurer.

The association functions according to Internal Regulation.

Currently, the association has 89 members - environmental evaluators and auditors for industry, from all the counties.

Inside the association, the activities are structured in 6 deparments: